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North Star Senior Advisors Helps Veteran Find Assisted Living in Orlando, FL

North Star Senior Advisors Helps Veteran Find Assisted Living in Orlando, FL

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In our recent blog, A Veteran’s Coincidental Story, we shared a wonderful experience we had earlier last month with one of our veteran clients we helped locate senior living.

It was by chance he received a calendar from the VA in the mail not long ago and recognized himself in the picture! Imagine receiving a calendar from the Army with a picture of you in combat from years ago? He was only 18 years old when he fought in World War II.

Through his journey, he has touched so many of our hearts and we are so grateful to have helped him find the perfect place to call home. After he became settled in, the North Star Senior Advisors team decided to spend the afternoon with him in the new community.

“I was humbled to visit with this fellow Veteran and amazed to know a real warrior who served during The Battle of the Buldge. Here’s a photo [featured image on blog] of us enjoying lunch at the community. The look on his face says it all!” – Ignacio Quinones, President of North Star Senior Advisors.

Paul also allowed us to record a video on his behalf. Click here to view the video.

It is this very reason we love what we do. Sometimes the phrase, senior placement may rub people the wrong way, but we are truly so much more. When one can no longer live alone or simply want the socialness that comes with senior living, we are here to help guide families every step of the way. North Star Senior Advisors does not just “place” seniors wherever. We have taken the time and due diligence to research and meet with over 200 assisted living communities in the Central Florida region to ensure they uphold proper care and cleanliness. We are compassionate and simply want the best for your loved one. As a senior advisor, we are here as your advocate to support you through this sensitive and tedious process.

If you are interested in senior living options for you or your loved one, visit www.northstarsa.com or call us today at 407-796-1582 for a free, non-obligatory consultation.



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